Welcome to Camp Musicuentos!

Camp Musicuentos is an intensive curriculum planning workshop designed to help teachers feel more ready for the new school year than they've ever felt before. This space is intended to curate helpful resources and a variety of curriculum maps.

To edit a Google Doc, click FILE and SAVE A COPY to make an editable copy in your own drive. Be sure to click SHARE and change the sharing settings to ANYONE WITH THE LINK CAN VIEW, then copy and paste the link into one of the level pages linked above. As the link text, use a description of your map, such as "Diego's Level 4 Map."
View a tutorial on how to collaborate via Google Drive here.

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A Very Good Place to Start

Very Good Places to Stop Re-inventing the Wheel

When It Comes to Assessment...

When It Comes to Lesson Plans...

When It Comes to Resources...

And now...

Click a level to see my suggested themes and our work on curriculum maps.

Let's get to work!

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