Advanced Placement

Intermediate Mid - Intermediate High: AP

In conjunction with the novel Ciudad de las bestias by Isabel Allende (Spanish)

The syllabus information I gave students

Suggested curriculum themes:

Unit One: Who I am and where I'm going
Personal and public identities, Contemporary life, families and communities
EQ: What experiences have shaped me?
My history, likes, goals, my family
Reactions and opinions, narration

Unit Two: Gone but not forgotten
Personal and public identities, Global challenges
EQ: How have major historical events (like the Spanish conquest) affected demographics and celebrations in the world today?
Heroes, narrating events, politics

Unit Three: Get a move on
Global challenges, contemporary life
What healthcare issues are people around the world and in my world facing and conquering, and how?
Politics and healthcare, personal responsibility, medical care, healthy living

Unit Four: No such thing as normal
Science and technology, contemporary life, families and communities
EQ: How is technology changing education, entertainment, and family life around the world?
Social networking, education, celebrations

Unit Five: I've got rhythm (and color)
Beauty and aesthetics, global challenges
EQ: How are the people behind the art and music I love changing their communities?
social action, philanthropy, street art, music benefits, education

Unit Six: I couldn't care more
Global challenges, Science and technology
EQ: What political and environmental issues are challenging and shaping the world today?
Political protests, immigration issues, environmental challenges, social media movements