Novice: Level One

Suggested Curriculum Themes

  • Unit One: Pleased to meet you
EQ: How can I make new friends?
greetings, farewells, numbers 1-20, introductory conversation ('how are you'), basic storytelling verbs
exchanging names, asking/expressing age, asking for and answering states of being/emotion, giving personal information (phone number, email address)
Conversation practice + interpretive practice with authentic resource here

Sample start to unit "Nice to Meet You" with EQ "What makes me unique?" - assessment sketch, daily performance assessments

  • Unit Two: This is who I am
EQ: How can I connect with new friends based on what we have in common?
politeness phrases, personal pronouns, colors, personal descriptors, beginning transitions/connectors, schedules, telling time, asking [[#|questions]]
talking about myself, what I like, personality, typical activities
Sample IPA here
  • Unit Three: Let me show you around
EQ: How can I tell new friends about my world?
activities at school, classroom objects, routines, days, places at school, my home and family, neighborhood, weather
what I'm going to do, more description (places and other people), more personal pronouns, expressing location, expressing possession
2016 update sample unit start with EQ "How do people showcase the best features of their city for potential visitors?" and IPA involving Sister Cities and making a tourism product for Spanish-speaking visitors to their city
2015 update sample unit with [[#|templates]] here, sample authentic resource activity here.
2014 Sample IPA and activities here

Alternate EQ: How do people showcase the best features of their city for potential visitors?
Structures: I can, you can; you should / you should not; description: amazing, disgusting, dangerous, popular, beautiful, interesting, etc.; it has; details: at _, in _; neighborhood; activity words
Assessment: Students investigate tourism in a Sister City; then discuss, identify, and develop a way to showcase their own city's features for TL visitors.

  • Unit Four: Let's celebrate
EQ: How do we celebrate life together?
calendar, holidays, food, table setting, traditions, religion, weather
demonstratives, opinions, describing food, giving basic instructions

Sample IPA:
Scenario: The (freshman) class just paid to [[#|sponsor a child]] for a year in (TL country) through a poverty intervention program. Your class sponsor just got information in the mail about how to send the child greetings for (Christmas). The sponsor knows you’re a top (Spanish) student and has asked you to put together a packet of greetings for the child. Choose a holiday in the child’s country and find out some information about it. Make a video comparing their celebration to a common celebration here in our culture. Then make an appropriate greeting card with a short description of the season for all your classmates to sign.
Then: your class received the following email reply from your sponsored child. Answer it briefly for your sponsor.
Thank you for the card. We love the holiday here. I am with my family. We celebrate many days for this holiday. We also have parades and presents. Do you have presents? What presents do you want? What are parades like where you live? How do you make the (food you mentioned in video)?

  • Unit Five: Let's go out on the town
EQ: How do I have a good time with new and old friends?
entertainment, city, shopping, eating out, mass transit
basic [[#|directions]], reactions, making plans, asking for help

Sample Curriculum Maps

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