Intermediate Low: Level Three

Suggested Curriculum Themes

  • Unit One: I like it! I love it!
EQ: How do we see culture in what we want to see and do and where we want to go?
Possible contexts: Hobbies, travel, entertainment, pop culture, sports
Functions: Reaction phrases, describing with details, expressing emotion and opinion
Sample unit, Sample resources with questions

  • Unit Two: Here's my story
EQ: How has the story of my life led me to where I am today?
Personal identity, heroes, movies, books, memories, family
narration, connecting, paragraph form

  • Unit Three: It's a big world after all
EQ: How are problems and successes similar or different across cultures?
Government, politics, immigration, news events, natural disasters
comparisons, reporting, interviewing
Sample IPA from the Bullis School

  • Unit Four: It starts with me
EQ: How am I contributing to make my community and the world better?
community, jobs, social justice, technology
making suggestions, expressing opinion

  • Unit Five: The future starts now
EQ: How will I use my language skills to make a better world?
Personalization: employment, study abroad; technology
expressing goals, talking about the future

Sample Assessment Prompts

My old Spanish 3 performance assessment prompts

Sample Curriculum Maps

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