Spanish for Heritage Speakers

Intermediate Mid - Intermediate High: Spanish for Heritage Speakers

Suggested Curriculum Themes

(In conjunction with the novels Cajas de cartón by Francisco Jimenez and Esperanza renace by Pam Muñoz Ryan)
  • De donde vengo yo
(cancion por ChocQuibTown)
Focused, individualized study on country/countries of student's family, heroes, politics and problems
Narration, description, explanation

  • El cómo y el por qué
Why people immigrate, politics, government, asylum, social issues, transportation, border control, immigration process, coyotes, drug trafficking, employment

  • Aquí estamos
Latino population of local area, features of area, activities, hobbies, culture, employment, neighborhood, school, organizations, struggles, resources, medical care, issues undocumented people face (project to provide some necessary information to community, like how to navigate the school system, medical system, or infrastructure like phone and water service).

  • La familia es grande
Peoples of Latin America: similarities, differences, celebrations, religion, family life, traditions; places: natural resources, climate, tourism

  • A cada quien su vida
Education, technology, life goals, employment, Spanish in the workplace, travel

Sample Curriculum Maps

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